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Orienting the SMARTBoard


Orienting the SMART Board®


You can use the SMART Board® and projector to display anything on the computer screen; such as: Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, Word document, an Internet site, movie, etc.

If you press the interactive whiteboard with your finger and your cursor appears somewhere other than where you are pressing, try orienting the interactive whiteboard.


Orienting the SMART Board® ensures your touch registers accurately when you press the screen or use the pen(s). It is recommended that you orient the SMARTBoard® every day.

1. At the same time, push the keyboard button and the right click mouse button in the Pen Tray.

2. Starting with the one in the top left corner, press and release the center of each target. 

Note: If your volume is on, then you will hear a ding each time you press a target.
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