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Annotating a PowerPoint Presentation on the SMART Board


Annotating a PowerPoint Presentation on the SMART Board

The SMART Board is a digital board that allows you to annotate your PowerPoint presentation during your class lecture. Additionally, you have the ability to save your PowerPoint file with the annotations. If you chose to do so, it is recommended that you save it under another filename, e.g., filename_annotated.pptx.

Note: The recommended SMART Ink setting is "Use SMART Ink so that my ink doesn't permanently affect my content." Click on this link for more information.

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation
  2. Click on the Slide Show tab
  3. Click on the appropriate button (from beginning, from current slide, etc.)
    PowerPoint presentation with an arrow pointing at the the Slide Share tab
  4. Once you are in Slide Show mode, you can use the SMART Board pens to draw or make annotations on your Presentation.

Presentation Tip: Build in blank slides or slides with minimal content for adding additional notes during class, e.g., sample problems, equations, sentence structure, etc.

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