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Faculty - Setting up Respondus Lockdown Browser


Faculty - Setting up Respondus Lockdown Browser 

Respondus LockDown Browser is a tool that can be used with tests and quizzes in Blackboard. The tool prevents students from navigating outside of the test environment. Below are directions on how to setup your test with Respondus Lockdown Browser. 

Note: Students are unable to download and install Respondus LockDown Browser on a Chromebook.


1. First you must create and deploy the test you want to setup with Respondus Lockdown Browser.  
2. Scroll down to Course Management in the left navigation menu and select Course Tools. Then click Respondus Lockdown Browser.




4. A welcome page will appear. Click Continue to Lockdown Browser.





5. A list of deployed tests will be displayed in the Respondus Lockdown Browser Dashboard.






6. Click the down arrow to the left of the name of the test in which you want to add Respondus Lockdown Browser. Then click Settings.












7. Click the radio button next to Require Lockdown Browser

More options will appear after you select this option. 





8. More Respondus Lockdown Browser settings will appear below.

You can add a password to the test as well as add more advanced options like the use of a calculator. 

This is also where you will be able to add Respondus Monitor which uses video to monitor students while they are taking the test. 


9. Click Save + Close when you are finished. 

You will now see Required listed under the Respondus Lockdown browser column on the test list. 

Note: If you need to edit the Test Options after you set up Respondus, do not edit or remove the password. The password links your test to the Respondus Lockdown Browser.


For more information regarding the Passwords and Respondus Lockdown Browser please reference the link below:

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