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Faculty and Admin - Sharing Reports in Watermark Course Evaluations and Surveys (CES)


Faculty and Admin - Sharing Reports in Watermark Course Evaluations and Surveys (CES)

This article will show you how to share course evaluation reports. 

You can only share reports that you have saved in the Course Evaluations & Surveys (CES) program. For directions on how to create reports, please view Admin and Faculty - Creating Reports.

Note: If you are a faculty member and need to share your evaluation results with your Coordinator/Director you will need to Create a Report then Share the Report.


1. Login to the CES site by opening a web browser and navigating to


Enter your College credentials.

2. You will be taken to your CES dashboard.



Report Builder page with three tabs, My Reports, Projects and Courses



3. Select the Results tab. 





4. Then select Report Builder.

Note: Montco uses Report Builder 2.0.





5. You will now be on the My Reports page. 

Select the report you wish to share from the Saved Reports module. 


6. Select Shared from the upper left corner of the saved report. 





7. Select the textbox next to To Users to locate the user you wish to send the report to. 

The Subject will automatically be populated with the name of your report. 

Enter a message for the user that explains why you are sharing this report and the purpose of this report. 

Note: It is NOT recommended that you share reports via the "To Emails" feature as this is not secure, whereas the "To Users" feature is secure. 


8. Select the Search user profile box to locate a user by their College username or email address. 

Select Search

Select Start Over if you need to clear your search.



9. Check the box to name of the user(s) you wish to send the report to. 



10. Select Save to share the report with the user(s) you select within the CES program.



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