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Faculty and Admin - Creating Reports in Watermark Course Evaluations & Surveys (CES)


Faculty and Admin - Creating Reports in Watermark Course Evaluations & Surveys (CES)

This article will show Admin and Faculty how to create reports. Creating reports allows you to customize the information you see on the report. 

Reports that you create can be shared, but only if you Save the report you created. This is especially important for any Faculty who wish to share course evaluation results with their Coordinator/Director.


1. Login to the CES site by opening a web browser and navigating to

Enter your College credentials.

2. You will be taken to your CES dashboard.  

3. Select the Results tab. 



4. Then select Report Builder.

Note: Montco uses Report Builder 2.0.



5. You will be taken to the Report Builder Dashboard. 

This is where you will see:

  • Recent Reports: Recent reports you created.
  • Saved Reports: Reports you created that you saved.
  • Shared Reports: Reports that were shared with you.

6. You can create a report by selecting one of the tabs at the top of your dashboard:

  • Areas: Reports by Department
  • Projects: Reports by Project or Evaluation Survey per semester and term
  • Courses: Reports by Course
  • Instructors: Reports by Instructor (available to Admins only)
  • Teaching Assistants: We do not use this section.

7. Select the tab of the report you would like to create. 

Note: If you are Faculty member who wishes to share your Course Evaluation results with your Coordinator/Director, please select the Projects tab to locate the Evaluation report you wish to create.




8. Use the filter options to determine what you want in the report. 

The screenshot to the right is an example of the filters available for a Project report. 

When you are finished, select Run in the upper left corner.


9. After the report runs you will see a breakdown of the information you requested for the report. 

You will see additional tabs appear that are specific to the report you just created. You can determine what you wish to do with the report information:

  • Filter: Filter report information
  • Save: Save the report
  • Delete: Delete the report
  • Copy: Make a copy of the report
  • Excel: Export the report into Excel
  • PDF: Export the report into a PDF

Note: If you wish to share the report you created, you must Save the report. 


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