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Faculty - Making Curriculum Builder Reading Lists Public


Faculty - Making Curriculum Builder Readings Lists Public


In order to copy Curriculum Builder reading lists into another course, you must make your reading lists Public. Performing a Course Copy will only copy the Curriculum Builder shell, not the materials. 

Making the reading lists Public will fix this issue. 

Note: Public reading lists are only visible to members of the College, not members outside of the College.

When you are ready to copy the Curriculum Builder content into your newly copied course, view the article Copying a Course with Curriculum Builder Readings Lists


1. Navigate to the Blackboard course that contains the Curriculum Builder reading lists you want to copy. 




2. Click the link to the reading list to enter it. 



Reading List link


3. Click See Current Reading List.



See Current Reading List


4. Click the word private.


Private link



5. The word will then change to public when the process is complete. 


Public list



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