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Faculty - Student Preview Mode in Blackboard


Faculty - Student Preview Mode in Blackboard

You can use Student Preview mode to look at your course from the student perspective. Preview the course and even submit assignments as if you are student. You have the ability to save what you did in Student Preview mode so you can view it when you are finished or you can delete what you did in Student Preview mode.

Tip: Student Preview Mode is a great way to ensure all links are functional and visible to students.


Enter Student Preview Mode   
1. Click the Student Preview Mode icon in the upper right corner. The icon looks like an eye.


2. When you enter student preview mode, a yellow student preview bar appears at the top of every page. The bar displays the text Student Preview mode is ON and has Settings and Exit Preview functions.

Student preview creates a student account. The account is typically Your Name + Preview User (i.e. John Smith_Preview User). This account logs you in as a student into the current course you are previewing. 

Exit Student Preview Mode  

1. Click Exit Preview to exit the student preview mode. When exiting, you are given 2 options:

  • Delete the preview user and all data (Recommended) - This will delete the data and remove the preview user from your course.
  • Keep the preview user and all data - This will keep the data and the preview user created when entering student preview mode. You can always delete this information when you re-enter Student Preview Mode.

7. Click Continue once you have selected your option.

Note: If you leave your course before leaving student preview mode, the next time you enter your course you will be in Student Preview Mode.

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