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Faculty - Remark: Scanning and Grading with an Answer Key


Faculty - Remark: Scanning and Grading with the Answer Key

This article will provide you with written directions and a video tutorial on how to scan and grade student answer sheets with the answer key in the Remark software. It is important that you place the answer sheets in the printer tray in the direction indicated on the answer sheet.

The process has changed slightly from previous years. Before you begin to scan your answer sheets with your answer key you will need to switch the printer scanner from Offline to Online. Please be aware that you no longer need to switch the printer scanner from Offline to Online.

Remark is available on the following designated computers:


Science Center - 280


Health Science Center - Faculty Work Space


Parkhouse - Math Faculty Suite


Note: Do NOT change any of the settings on the printer or the Remark software. The Remark software has been set to the appropriate standards for reading answer sheets. 

 Video: Faculty - Remark: Scanning and Grading with an Answer Key (00:02:16)



Place your answer key and student answer sheets face-up on the printer tray in the direction indicated on the answer sheet.

Note: Your answer key must always be on top of the student answer sheets.



 On the printer keypad, select the Home button in the upper right hand corner to bring up a list of printer options.

Tap the right arrow key at the bottom of the screen to go to the second page of options.

Tap on the Scanner icon.


Tap Online until it is highlighted in yellow to bring the scanner online. 

4.  Once you have put the scanner on the printer Online, go back to the Remark computer and click the Remark software icon that corresponds to the type of test you are scanning (i.e. 50 question answer sheet will match with the Remark 50 question icon). 

Remark icons

5.  Click the Quick Scan icon located in the toolbar at the top of your screen then click on Scan again.



Quick Scan button




The scanned tests will load in grid format on your screen in the OMR Data Center. You must make any necessary changes in the OMR Data Center before you create your reports. 

  • Yellow - This usually means the student did not provide an answer and left it blank.
  • Red - This usually means there is an error and is not fixable within the Data Center.
  • Green - You can fix these items. This usually indicates that there were two answers selected. This may be a multiple answer question or the student marked the wrong answer.







Grading Student Answer Sheets





Click Quick Grade. A pop-up window will appear where you have the ability to generate various reports including individual student reports. 


Note: Advanced Grade is used for the Nursing department so that the grading scale may be adjusted. Instructions for Advanced Grade are available on the Knowledge Base.


Quick Grade button 




















To generate individual student reports that you can distribute to your students, locate and select 150 - Student Grade



 List of reports with a box around 150 - Student Report


A pop-up window will appear asking you to select which students you would like to use for a report. You can add one student at a time or all students.

  1. One student - Highlight student then click add
  2. All students - Click Add All

Click Run Report to generate the individual student reports. The individual student reports will generate in a pop-up window. 




Click the Print icon or go to File then Print to print your reports. You can also email the reports to yourself as well. 









To close out of the Remark software, click the X in the upper right-hand corner of all open Remark windows.

A pop-up window will appear asking to Save Changes. Click Don't Save.






Pop up message 





When you are finished running your reports, go back to the printer and tap the Scanner to Offline

Note: It is very important that you put the scanner back to Offline so others may be able to use the printer.


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