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Faculty - Remark: Advanced Grade


Faculty - Remark: Advanced Grade

Advanced Grade instead of Quick Grade can be used to adjust the grade scale and identify questions that have multiple answers. This article will show you how to use Advanced Grade for grading tests. 

Note: Nursing Faculty - The Nursing grade scale has already been applied as an option. 

1. After scanning the exams click on Advanced Grade.

2. A pop-up window will appear.

Next to Overall test grade scale, click Edit Grade Scale.



3. Next to Source Grade Scale, click the drop down menu and select the grade scale you wish to use.

Click OK when you are finished.



4. Click the Answer Key tab in the pop-up window. 

Next to Import answer key from click the drop down menu and select Data Set Grid Row option so that you are identifying that the first line of the answer sheets that you scanned is your Answer Key.

Then click Import Key.

5. Finally, click the Question Properties tab to locate any questions on your test that had multiple answers. 

You can determine what credit is awarded, if any, the points that are awarded, and the correct answers. 

6. When you are finished, click Grade.

A pop up window will appear asking if you would like to Save the Answer Key, select No.

Note: The tabs that were highlighted in these directions are the main areas where you will need to input information for Advanced Grade.

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