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Faculty - Move Individual Course Content in Blackboard Course


Faculty - Move Individual Course Content in Blackboard Course

You have the ability to move individual content to different areas in your Blackboard course. Moving content removes it from its original location in your course. Below are directions on how to individually move content in different areas of your course. 

To move entire course content you must perform a Course Copy


1. Go into the course where you want to move content.   
2. Locate the content you want to move and click the small gray arrow next to the name of the content. 






3. Then click Move.






4. Click Browse to select the area in your course where you want to move this content. 







5. A pop-up window will appear where you can select the area in the course where you want to move the content. 

Once selected, the pop-up window will disappear.







6. Click Submit

The content has now been moved to its specified location.





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