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Faculty - Blackboard Statistics Tracking


Faculty - Blackboard Statistics Tracking


Statistics Tracking at the content item level allows Instructors to view detailed statistics on content item usage for all course users. These detailed statistics can help Instructors determine how many times the particular content item was viewed and exactly when it was accessed.

 To Enable Statistics Tracking:

1. Select "Course Materials" 

2. Select the down arrow of an item under "Course Material" 

2. Click Statistics Tracking (On/Off)  

4. Click Submit  



To View the Statistics Report:


1. Click the down arrow to the right of a content item.

*Statistics Tracking must be turned on for report to be available

 This is an image of the item menu. It shows options for edit, adaptive release, view statistics report, and delete. 
2. Click View Statistics Report
3. Click the down arrow to the right of the report name.

4. Click Run.

5. Under Report Specifications, select a format for the report.

Note: The default format is a PDF file.

 This is an image of the course reports option. The Instructor must select a date range and click submit.    
6. Click the calendar icon to Select a Start Date
7. Click the other calendar icon Select an End Date

8. Select the Users for the report.

Note: The users are the students in the course. If you do not select a user, then it will run the report for everyone in the course.

9. Click Submit

10. The page will display a "Please wait" message.

Note: You must wait until the report opens. If you were to leave this page, or close the window, the report will not open.

 This is an image of the "please wait" page. It shows small boxes to indicate time passing.
11. The report opens in a new window.
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