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Students - Using Blackboard Blogs


Students - Using Blackboard Blogs


Add a New Blog Entry

1. Locate the blog within your course.

2. Under the blog name, click View
3. On the right of the page, click the Add New Entry button.
4. A new dialog box will appear, type in the title of the blog entry
5. When finished, click the Continue button
6. Type the content for your blog entry in the text box area.
7. When finished, click the  Save & Exit button.

Blog Editing Tools

Note: The functions along the top of the text box in Edit mode allow you to control the text and paragraph formatting in the blog. They also allow you to add images such as graphics or pictures to your entries. You also have the ability to link to external web sites. Additionally you can upload files such as PDF files, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel Spreadsheets, etc.  

Adding Images or Pictures to the Blog

Note: You must use the insert/edit image icon to insert images into the blog. You cannot copy and paste images into the blog. If you find images on places like Google Images, you must save them to your computer and follow the directions below to insert them.

1.Click the insert/edit image icon.

2. Click the icon to browse to the location of your image.

3. Click the Browse button.

4. Browse to where your image file is saved and double-click it or highlight it and click the Open button.


5. Click the  Upload button.

6. Enter an image description and title if desired.
7. Click the  Insert button.

Adding Links

Note: You can add links to external web sites within the blog.

1.Highlight the text you would like to create a link for  
2.Click the link icon.  

3. Select URL.


4. Enter the URL in the space provided. (You should copy and paste the full URL.)

5. If you want the URL or new page to open in a new window, click the checkbox next to Open in new window.

6. Click  Insert.

Commenting on a Blog

1. Open the blog and scroll to the entry where you wish to comment.  

2. At the bottom of the blog entry, click where it says  Viewer comments

3. Click where it says Add a comment ...
4. Enter a Subject and your comment in the text boxes.
5. When you've finished with your comment, click the Post button.


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