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Faculty - Recording Video Feedback on Assignments


Faculty - Recording Video Feedback on Assignments


You have the option to record video feedback instead of or in addition to written feedback you may provide on student work. This article will walk you through how to leave feedback in the form of a video. 

Note: Please consider accessibility when using the video feedback feature. At this time, captions are not available for recordings. 


1. Navigate to your Full Grade Center.  




2. Locate the student and the assignment you want to grade and record audio feedback. 

Then click Grade User Activity.




3. In the Feedback to Learner space, click the Full Content Editor option.  




4. A pop-up window will now appear. Select the + (plus sign) from the toolbar.

Note: If you do not see this option, select the three dots (...) to expand the toolbar.




5. Another window will open. Select Insert from Webcam.



5. Another window will appear where you can begin to record. 

You can decide if you wish to show your camera by click the Camera icon. 

Click the Record icon when you are ready to record. A 3 second countdown will appear before it will begin recording you. 

Note: You are only able to record feedback up to 5 minutes long. 




6. When you are finished, stop the recording and give the recording a name. 

Note: The system uses the recording time and date by default.







7. Select Insert Recording to finish adding the recording to the Feedback to Learner space. 

8. Enter a grade and click Submit





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