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Faculty - Create Assignments within Blackboard


Faculty - Create Assignments in Blackboard 


Blackboard provides an easy and efficient way for instructors to create assignments that allow students to upload directly into the Grade Center.  This eliminates the need for students to email their assignments to instructors and offers the instructor one area to access and grade students assignments.

Creating an Assignment

1.  Go into your Blackboard Course.

2.  Identify where within the course you wish to add the assignment.

3.  Click the Assessment button.

4.  From the drop down menu, select Assignment.












5.  Within the new window, enter the name of the assignment in the Name and Color field.

6.  Enter any instructions for the assignment in the Instructions box.

7.  If you want to attach a document that details the assignment, either drag-and-drop the document into the dotted box provided or click Browse My Computer or Browse Content Collection.

Note: This will enable you to upload a document for student viewing.
















Drag-and-Drop submission area




8.  Click the checkbox for Due Date. Then click the calendar to add a due date and click the clock to add a time in the Due Date field. Note: The due date will also appear on the Blackboard Calendar.








9. Under Grading, enter the Points Possible for the assignment. If you have a rubric, you may add it here by clicking Add RubricClick here for instructions on how to create a rubric in Blackboard.






10.  Click Submission Details to show additional options.

  1. Set the Assignment Type.
    1. Individual Submission
    2. Group Submission
    3. Portfolio Submission
  2. Determine the Number of Attempts.
  3. Select Plagiarism Tools if desired. SafeAssign is built into Blackboard and makes it easy to check papers for plagiarism.


11.  Click Grading Options to enable Anonymous Grading or Delegated Grading. Note: If you are using SafeAssign, you cannot enable anonymous grading.


12.  Click Display of Grades to set the following options:

  1. Display grades as. Note: Students will only see the primary display option.
  2. Include Grade Center Calculations.
  3. Show to students in My Grades.
  4. Show Statistics.



13.  Under Availability, make sure the check box next to Make the Assignment Available is checked.

14.  If you want to limit the time that this assignment is viewable to the student, select the appropriate dates in the Display After and Display Until fields.

15.  If you want to track the students who have accessed this assignment click the Track Number of Views check box.


16.  Click the Submit button.


 Below is a video that shows you how to create assignments in Blackboard.

Closed captioning version: 

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