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Faculty - Embedding TechSmith Videos in Blackboard


Faculty - Embedding TechSmith Videos in Blackboard

In addition to using the TechSmith Knowmia tool to add TechSmith videos to Blackboard you can also embed TechSmith videos using the embed code provided.

This article will walk you through how to use the provided embed code to embed your video in your course in Blackboard. 


1. In a web browser, navigate to and login to your TechSmith account. 



2. Locate and select on the video you wish to embed in your course in Blackboard.



3. Select the Share button located below your video. 



4. In the pop-up window select the Embed tab.

Then select the Copy button to copy the embed code provided.


5. Navigate to the course in Blackboard where you want to embed the video you just copied the embed code for. 

Then navigate to the area of the course where you want to embed the video, for example, Course Materials.

6. Select Build Content then Item.  

7. Select the < > icon (Source Code) from the content editor toolbar.

Note: If you do not see this icon, select the ... (three dots) icon to expand your content editor options. 


8. In the Source Code pop-up window, paste the embed code you copied from TechSmith. 

Then select Submit.


9. The video will now appear embedded in the content editor box. 

Select Submit when you are finished. 






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