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Faculty and Students - TechSmith Conversations: Sharing a Conversation


Faculty and Students - TechSmith Conversations: Sharing a Conversation


TechSmith Conversations is a feature you can add to any video in your TechSmith Library. Conversations allow you to annotate and post comments throughout the video.

This article will show you had to share a Conversation that you have added to a TechSmith Video. 


1. On your computer open a web browser and navigate to

Login to your TechSmith account with your College credentials. 

2. Locate and click on the video where you want you added the Conversation.



3. Scroll to the bottom of the page (below the video preview) and select the Conversations tab.


4. Select the Get Link button next to the Conversation you want to share. 


5. A pop-up window will appear. Select the Copy button to copy the web link to your Conversation.


6. Navigate to the space where you want to share the Conversation. 

Paste the link to the Conversation in the specified location (Blackboard Assignment, Email, etc.).

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