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Faculty and Students - Recording a Video with TechSmith


Faculty and Students - Recording a Video with TechSmith


TechSmith is a video recording tool that allows you to record your computer screen as well as record videos using a web cam. This article will show you how to use TechSmith Knowmia to record videos.


1. Log into with your MC3 credentials. 

Note: This is where you will go to access all of your video recordings and to use the TechSmith recorder. 

2. Select Launch Capture in the top left of the screen.  Launch Capture button above the Create drop down button

3. Follow the prompts on the screen and select Open TechSmith Capture


Note: If you have not used this tool before select Download to install the capture tool.


4. When you are ready, select Capture. 



5. Determine what part of your screen you want to recording by using the grid to drag and highlight your screen recording area. 

6. After you have selected you screen recording area, the recording toolbar will appear at the bottom of your screen. 

Select the red Record button to begin recording. You will be provided with a 3 second countdown before the recording will begin. 

Note: If you wish to turn on your camera as well, select the Camera button next to the red Record button until the line is no longer through the image.

7. When you are finished recording, select the gray Stop button to stop your recording. 

Note: You can select the Pause button if you wish to pause and come back to the recording. 

8. You will now see a preview of your video. 

Select Upload to Knowmia in the lower right corner of the video preview window to send the video to your TechSmith Library.


9. Select Continue.

You will now be taken to your TechSmith account. 

10. You can now give your video a Name and Description.

When you are finished, click Save.


Additional Resources:

Editing a TechSmith Video

Organizing your video library with folders

Sharing your videos

TechSmith Knowmia Mobile App

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