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Faculty and Students - Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Interface and Tools


Faculty and Students - Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Interface and Tools


Below is a video created by Blackboard that will walk you through the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Interface and the Tools that are available to you. 

Students: Please be aware that you may not have access to some of these tools depending on the level of access your instructor has given you. 


Video: Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Interface and Tools (00:02:14)



1. My Settings: Add a profile image, set up your audio and video, set your notifications, and report an issue.

Set As Away: Click on the green checkmark by your avatar image to set yourself as Away. Click I'm back! when you return.


2. Share Audio: Turn your audio on. The line through the microphone means that it is turned off. Click Share Audio to turn on your microphone.


3. Share Video: Turn your camera on. The line through the camera icon means that it is turned off. Click Share Video to turn on your camera.


4. Raise Hand: Raise your hand to answer a question or get the moderator's attention. When you click this button it will play a noise for the Moderator to hear.

5. Open Collaborate Panel: Click this button to gain access to additional Collaborate Ultra tools; including Chat, Participants, Share Content, and My Settings


6. Chat: Send instant chat messages with participants. Everyone in the session can view the messages.


7. Participants: View the list of people in the session. When you click this button, it will show the names of all session participants.


8. Share Content: The Moderator can share a blank whiteboard, an application, and share files (PDFs, PowerPoint® presentations, and images in GIF, JPEG and PNG formats).


9. My Settings: Check your audio and video settings, and decide what others can do in your session. 


10. Close Collaborate Panel: Click this button to close the collaborate panel on the right hand side of the window.


11. The Moderator of the session sees another button called, Open Session menu: This button gives you access to record the session and to change the session settings.


12. Leave Session: Exit the session and complete a quick survey to tell us about your experience.





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