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Faculty - Using the Qwickly Tool in Blackboard to Post an Announcement Across Multiple Courses


Faculty - Using the Qwickly Tool in Blackboard to Post an Announcement Across Multiple Courses


The Qwickly Tool allows you to post Announcements, Send Emails, Post Content and more across multiple courses. This will help you from posting the same information in each individual course.

The article below will show you how to post an announcement across multiple course.


1. On the course navigation menu on the left, scroll down until you see Course Management


Select Course Tools then Qwickly Tools (LTI).



2. A new tab will open to take you to the Qwickly Tool.

Select Post an Announcement.


3. Select the courses from the course list to the left for where you want the announcement to be posted by clicking the box next to the course. 

Enter the Title of the Announcement and the message.



4.By default, Announcements are set to Post Immediately and to have No Expiration. To set a Start and End date, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the boxes to remove the check mark and enter the time. 


Check the box next to Email Announcement if you want a copy of the Announcement to be sent to student email accounts. 


Click Submit when you are ready to post your Announcement.

Note: You do not have to set a posting date to move forward. This is optional.   

Quickly Tools Post Announcement screen that allows you to enter the announcement information.

4. The Announcement will now be posted to all of the courses you selected from the Qwickly Tool.   
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