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Faculty - Broadcasting your iPad synchronously through Teams


Faculty - Broadcasting your iPad through Teams

1.Integrate Teams in Blackboard, create meeting, and post meeting link to students Integrate Teams in Blackboard
2. To prep your iPad for Broadcast, be sure to have the Microsoft PowerPoint and Teams apps downloaded onto your iPad from App Store. 




3. Ensure that you have Screen Recording activated on your iPad.   Activating Screen Recording on your iPad

4. At the time in which you need to get ready for your live Broadcast, join your meeting via Teams on your iPad. 


Note: If you wish to see what your students are seeing or share applications/documents not on your iPad, join the same Teams link on your desktop or laptop.

If you do this, be sure to mute your mic and turn your sound all the way down on either the iPad or desktop/laptop to avoid a loud echo. 

3. On your iPad, through the Microsoft PowerPoint app open the presentation you wish to share with students (or open the document or tool, you wish to broadcast to students). 

4. Swipe down from the top-right corner to reveal the Control Center 



5.Select the moon icon to enable Do Not Disturb mode to prevent notifications (i.e. calls, tests, emails, etc) from coming through during your presentation. 


Note: Be sure to turn off Do Note Disturb when you have finished your broadcast so you will receive your notifications again. 

6. Press and hold the record button for a few seconds to revel broadcast options. 

 7.  When ready, choose Teams and Start Broadcast. 

 8. Begin your live presentation to your Teams attendees.  Watch: iPad PowerPoint features and tips
9. If you wish to test the whole process, you can create a Teams Meeting and invite a colleague to test with you.   
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