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Faculty and Staff - TechSmith Knowmia: What It Is, Uses, and Resources



Faculty and Staff - TechSmith Knowmia: What It Is, Uses, and Resources


What is TechSmith Knowmia (formerly Camtasia Relay/TechSmith Relay)?

TechSmith Relay is a screencasting and video editing program that allows you to easily create, manage, and share your video content. Montgomery County Community College updated their instance of TechSmith Relay in Fall 2019, which allows all faculty, staff, and students access to the updated and streamlined features. 

This update switched us from the old website ( to the new website (

What you need to know:

Old website (

  • you can still access your videos posted to this site
  • any current links in your Blackboard courses will still work and stream from this site
  • you can no longer use the recorders via this website. You must re-download the recorder from the new website.

New website (

  • any new videos you create will be posted to this site 
  • you have access to all the new features and recorders from this site


How can I use TechSmith Knowmia?


  • Record, share, and archive lectures
  • Record and share procedural videos (e.g. syllabus overview, class expectations, attendance policy, grading rubric, etc)
  • Record lessons for online courses or absent students
  • Record videos for flipping instructions
  • Record guest speakers
  • Record videos of students presenting
  • Record demos for students
  • Create supplementary videos
  • Create instructional how-to videos for students
  • Capture real-world footage to share with students (i.e. field visits, interviews, experiments, etc.)


  • Communicate with instructors and other students
  • Create video assignments and presentations
  • Record and submit class projects
  • Create digital portfolios and resumes
  • Record field trips
  • Record interviews for research projects
  • Pre-record end-of-term presentations for self-critiques and peer review
  • Record videos explaining a procedure and showing outcome (e.g. science or social experiment) 
  • Record informational videos about student organizations


  • Record and share staff or faculty meetings
  • Communicate with colleagues
  • Record and share special events on campus
  • Create instructional how-to videos for IT for staff and students (e.g. how to use your LMS or a computer program)
  • Create videos to help staff troubleshoot technology issues
  • Create tutorial videos for instructors that explain and demonstrate how to make their own instructional videos 

TechSmith Relay Use Cases

Creating Effective Video for Online and Blended Courses

21 Reasons Videos Increase Engagement: Drive Student Success with Video


Getting Started

Installing TechSmith Knowmia on a Personal Device 

Differences between TechSmith Knowmia Desktop (Classic) Recorder and New Recorder (Web)

Recording with TechSmith Knowmia

Using the Classic Recorder (desktop, non-web version)


Organizing Content

Organizing your video library (folders and collections)

Organize and Share Videos with Collections

Adding non-Techsmith videos to your TechSmith Library

Migrating videos from the old TechSmith site to the new TechSmith site


Managing Videos

Editing videos

Video quizzes - adding, managing, and viewing results

Creating accessible videos

Sharing your videos and video privacy settings

Uploading a TechSmith recording in Blackboard with integration of new site

Embedding TechSmith videos into Blackboard from the old site (

Using the TechSmith Fuse Mobile App



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