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Faculty - Migrating videos from old TechSmith site to new TechSmith site


Migrating videos from old TechSmith site to new TechSmith site

Downloading from old TechSmith Site


1. Log into the old TechSmith site using your current MC3 username and password.

Old TechSmith Relay Login Screen

2. Select Presentations then Presentation List from the top menu.

Presentations drop-down list. Presentation List is first choice in drop-down
3. Select the video you wish to move to the new TechSmith site. 

Listing of recorded presentations

4. Select the View link next to MP4 (480p). Details of a specific recorded video 
5. Once the video opens in the web browser, right-click anywhere on the screen and select Save Video As or Save. 

Save Video As is circled in red in drop-down menu 

6. Assign a name to the video and click Save. 

Note: It is recommended to save the video to your Desktop for easy access.
 Windows File Finder Pop-up

 Uploading to the new TechSmith site

7. Log into the new TechSmith site at with your MC3 username and password.

New TechSmith Relay site with Sign In button in the center

 8. Select the Create button to reveal the drop-down menu.   

Create button to revel drop-down menu

 9. From the drop down menu, select New Folder and name the folder (Ex. SPA 101 Videos)  

Create drop-down menu with New Folder circled in red. New Folder is the first option in the drop-down menu

 10. Within the folder, select the create button again on the left and Upload Media.   Under the Create drop down, the Upload Media option is circled in red.

11. Drag and drop your video(s) or choose Select Files to Upload and select your video(s). The video(s) will then process and once finished, you can select Close. Your videos will now be a part of your My Library.


Image of upload menu pop-up screen


Updating the Video in your Blackboard Course

 Please follow the directions below to replace the video in your Blackboard course via the new TechSmith Blackboard integration. 

Uploading a TechSmith Recording in Blackboard

Note: You will need to delete the old video link from your course once you add the video to the course via the instructions above. 

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