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Faculty and Students - Setting Blackboard Notifications


Faculty and Students - Blackboard Notifications

Set up Blackboard notifications to be notified when an assignment is graded, a new announcement is made, when an assignment is due, and more. You can be notified through SMS (text message), email, mobile (push notifications), Blackboard dashboard, or text-to-voice message. Notifications can be set for students and faculty. 

1. Log into the Montco Connect


2. Access Blackboard under the tools section on the left hand side of the page.




3. In the top right-hand corner, click the down arrow next to your name.  Blackboard Settings
4. Click  Settings.  Blackboard Settings
5. Click  Edit Notification Settings  

6. Under “Bulk Edit Notification Settings,”  

  • Students - click Courses I am taking.
  • Faculty - click Courses I am teaching.

7. On the Change Settings page under Select Course, click the radio button next to All.

Note If you click the radio button next to Selected, you will need to select the course on the left (under Items to Select) and use the arrow to move it to the right (under Selected Items).
8. Under Notification Destinations, make sure your mobile, email, SMS messages, and Text-to-voice messages information is correct.  

9. Click the box for each item you want to receive notifications about. For example, if you check the box for Announcement Available, then you will receive a notification when a new Announcement is available in your course

  • Dashboard = Notifications appear in Updates and Posts pages and in course homepage.
  • Email = Email message
  • Mobile = Push notifications that appear on your mobile device screen even if you do not open the Blackboard mobile app
  • SMS = Text Message
  • Text-to-voice = Sent using the personal information you provided
10. When finished, click Submit.  
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