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Office 365 - Changing current user in Microsoft Office 2013


Switching users in Microsoft Office 2013


If you are getting errors such as Session Expired when starting up Office after a new installation, you may need to login to Office with your student account.

To do this:

  1. Open Word 2013 and note the top right of the screen has account information

  2. Click the link under the account info that says: “Switch Account”

  3. A list of currently active accounts may appear on the screen. In this case click the “Add Account” option at the bottom of this screen.

  4. If you see the following screen after entering your MCCC account into the Add Account window, click the Organizational account button

  5. Fill in your MCCC Student credentials into the “Sign In” screen

  6. Verify that you have entered the “” portion of the User ID and that it is all in lowercase before continuing
  7. When the information added to this screen is confirmed to be accurate click the “Sign In” button

Completing these steps should bring you back to the new document of Microsoft Word 2013. Verify the account in the top right has changed to your MCCC Student information.

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