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Faculty - Flipgrid: Creating Groups


Faculty - Flipgrid: Creating Groups


Flipgrid is a video discussion tool that allows you and your students to discuss topics that you create via video. Below you will find directions on how to create a Group in Flipgrid. Groups are a great way to organize the video discussion topics you create for your classes.  


1. Navigate to Flipgrid's website and login via your Educator account through Microsoft  
2. You will be taken to the Discussion tab. 




3. Select the Groups tab.

Then select Create Group.



4. Give the Group a name. For example, if you are teaching a Biology 101 course, you can call your Group Biology 101. 

Note: By default, all Groups are private.


5. A Join Code will automatically be created for you. You may change the code if you wish. 


6. Select the button next to Student Email so students can access Flipgrid by their email address.

Then click Next


7. In the Add Emails window, enter the domain for student email addresses: and hit Enter on your keyboard. 

Then click Next.


8. Select Skip for Now to finish creating your Group.



9. Click Go to Group in the Share the Group window.



10. You will now be taken to your Group page where you can begin creating your discussion Topics for your Group.   




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