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Students - Student Planning Plan and Schedule


Student Educational Planning — Plan & Schedule 


Once logged into Student Self-Service, select Student Planning and choose Plan & Schedule


Note: Plan and Schedule allows you to create a schedule several semesters out based on the courses you have selected in My Progress.  In addition, you can compare it to a timeline view and advising suggestions.

Note:   Through this view, you can:

  • Navigate between semesters, by clicking the arrows to the left and right. 
  • See all the courses you have selected going down the left side. 
    • This course information will allow you to register or drop courses that are on your plan
  • Use the “Filter Sections” tool to filter for courses that are:
    1. Open (“Availability”)
    2. Location (Central, West, or Virtual Campus)
    3. Day of the Week
    4. Time of the Day
    5. Instructor

 If you would like to watch a video about the  Plan & Schedule tab,  click here .



Schedule Tab


1. Course Information

2. Day view of your schedule

3. Scroll to other semesters


On the Schedule Tab…

1. To see sections of the courses you have chosen, click on  View other sections   Note: Be mindful that there may be more than one page of sections!


2. You can then click on a section you would like to add to your schedule. 

Note: A confirmation window will pop up. You can either click on the section on the left hand side OR click on the section on the actual calendar.

In the new window, click the Add Section to Schedule button.


3. Once you have confirmed that you want to add the section to the schedule, you can continue in selecting other course sections.
Note: If you decide to change your mind, you can always hit the X in the upper right hand corner and it will remove the section from your schedule.
Note: As you go course by course and section by section, you can see your schedule visually building itself!
4. Once you have mapped out all your classes, review the selections  
5. To register for the classes, click Register Now button.  


Timeline tab

Note : The Timeline tab provides another visual for you corresponding to each term and what term each course should be taken to graduate at “X” date.

  1. Semester view of your courses
  2. Add a Term
  3. GPA and Credit data per semester 


Advising tab

Note: In the Advising tab, you can send a quick note to your assigned advisor to ensure that you are registered for the right classes for next semester

  1. Compose a Note to your advisor
  2. View History of the notes

*** It is recommended that you use email or phone communication with your advisor rather than the Notes area of Student Educational Planning *** 


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