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Course Catalog Instructions:

The Course Catalog tab shows course, section and location information for all courses groups by subject. From this view, you can search for a course and add to the Timeline.

a. Type in the subject into the search box OR

b. Select a course from the list

When you drill into a subject (Accounting) you can...

  • Apply Filters
  • View Course number and description, including prerequisites and co-requisites
  • View Available Sections


Add Course to Plan

Filter option

If you have time constraints, location preferences, etc. consider using the Filter Results option. Under the Filter Results area, determine desired preferences:

  • location
  • terms
  • day of week
  • time
  • instructor, etc.
by clicking the check box next to desired settings.
Note: Multiple checkboxes could be checked within one filter area.

Add course from list

To create an academic plan for the first time, click on Add Course to Plan button. In this view, you will see:

  • description of the course or
  • any requisites of the course.


Note: A new window will appear containing additional information on credits, location and requisites. If there is a requisite not fulfilled already, the new window will have a yellow box next to requisite with the reason/ potential solution.


Select the term


Once you have completed click on Add Course to Plan button.

Next Steps: At this time you can either:
  • Add the course to your Plan/Timeline (click on Plan and Schedule option) or
  • View available sections to register for in the current semester (use the filter on Course Catalog)

Add Section to Schedule based on Available Sections

1. Under each Course listing description and perquisites, there will be a View Available Sections for … , click the arrow down to see sections that are available.

2. After finding the desired section, time, and location, etc. click on the Add Section to Schedule button.

3. A new window will appear, read the information corresponding to the particular section you selected.

4. When finished, click the Add Section to Schedule button.

Note: You can also view it on the Timeline tab and see the course that you added.

Next steps: At this time you can either:

  • View available sections to register for other classes in the current semester (use the filter on Course Catalog)
  • See how the course falls within a weekly calendar (Plan & Schedule)
  • Remove a course through Plan & Schedule (Plan & Schedule)

Remove Course- Plan and Schedule

  1. In the upper right corner of the course schedule, click the X button.
  2. A window will appear confirming that you want to remove the course from your schedule.

  3. Click the Remove button to complete or Cancel button to leave the course.
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