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Set up Outlook for iOS - iPhone/iPad

Estimated Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Set up Outlookfor iOS - iPhone/iPad

In this article you will learn how to download and set up the Outlook App for the iPhone and iPad. This requires the Microsoft Authenticator app to manage the College data on your device.

Microsoft Outlook and otherMicrosoft apps may be used on Faculty and Staff personal devices that meet the Personal Device Security Standard.

Please review the StandardHighlights before proceeding.

Personal Device Security StandardHighlights

1.Notify the MC3 Help Desk immediately if your personal device, containing College data,is sold, traded-in, lost, stolen, or otherwise disposed of.
2. Use a strong PIN to protect the College data.
3. Do not store or access Strictly Confidential Data on devices that are not College issued.

How to Set up Outlook for iOS - iPhone/iPad

1. Open the Apple App store on your device.

Apple App Store logo

2. Click the Search icon (magnifying glass) at the bottom of the screen and search for Outlook . Press Get to begin downloading the app.

Search and download Outlook App

3. When the app is finished downloading you can press Open from the App store or you can navigate to the Outlook app on your Home screen.

Press Open to open Outlook App

4.Press Get Started to begin setting up your account.

Get Started

5. Enter your College email address and press Add Account.

Enter email address

6. You will be prompted to install the Microsoft Authenticator App. Press Get the App . This app is required and will manage the College data on your personal device.

7. Youshould press Allow when prompted for Authenticator notifications.

8. Log in using your College username and password.

9. Click Register to finalize configuration of Authenticator.

10. Re-open the Outlook App

11. Enter your College email address and press Add Account.

12. You will be taken to the MCCC login page. Login using your College username and password.

Press Sign In.

MCCC Login Page

13. Press OK to confirm your setup is configured.

14. Re-open Outlook if it does not open automatically.

15. Youmay beasked if you would like to be notified of new emails or calendar invites. You can either press No Thanks or Notify Me . If you press Notify Me you will be asked to enable push notifications.

Notify Me

16. You will now see your Outlook Inbox .

Note: Your Outlook inbox will automatically be set to a Focused inbox.

Outlook Inbox

17. Adjust your Inbox settings by clicking the icon that looks like 3 lines in the upper left corner.

Outlook App More Options

18. Click the Settings icon that looks like a gear.

Settings Icon Outlook web App

19. Scroll down and press the button next to Focused Inbox so it is turned off (no longer highlighted in blue)

Focused Inbox setting in Outlook web app

20. A little further down is Organize by Thread . This option allows you to view messages in a thread even if they are in other folders or mailboxes. To turn this option off, press the button next to Organize by Thread (so it is no longer highlighted in blue).

Organize by thread in Outlook web app

Set up Outlook for iOS - iPhone/iPad

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