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Faculty - Scheduling Teams Meetings in Canvas

Estimated Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Scheduling Teams Meetings in Canvas

Prior to schedule Teams Meetings in Canvas, you must enable Microsoft Sync for the course by following the directions in the article linked below:

1. Open your course in Canvas

2. Select Microsoft Teams meetings in your course navigation bar

3. Select New Meeting in the top left of the window that appears

4. You will be brought to the New Meeting screen. Fill out the required information and press Send.

Descriptions for important sections will be listed below:

1) The Title: Add the title of the session (i.e. Dev101ONL01 Lecture)

2) Add participants: You may select specific students for a meeting or the entire class by

selecting the Add entire class option.

(If the Add entire class option is greyed out, this means you must re-sync the Microsoft Sync integration for your course.

You can find directions on this process in the following article:

3) Lecture Time: Adjust the length of the meeting to match the time the course takes place

4) Repeat meetings: It is possible to create only one meeting space for an entire course

by selecting the Does not repeat option and changing it to Every weekday (Mon-Fri)

More information on creating a repeat meeting will be listed in the next step.

5) Confirm the meeting: Press Send in the top right corner when finished

OPTIONAL: Repeat meetings

When creating a meeting, press the field that states Does not repeat.

Select Every weekday (Mon-Fri) out of the options that appear

Customize the recurrence to fit the course in the next window.
This includes when you would like the first meeting of this recurrence,
how often it repeats (most likely every week), what weekdays the course would be taking place
as well as the date of the last meeting.

Select Save once you are done customizing the recurrence.

5. Anyone in the course may now join this meeting space by selecting the Join option
in the Microsoft Teams Meetings section of the course.

After pressing join, it will prompt the user to open Teams
using the web app or the desktop app if it is installed.

Faculty - Scheduling Teams Meetings in Canvas

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