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Anatomage Table Introduction

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Anatomage Table

Located in College Hall and South Hall Libraries the Anatomage Table is a Windows 10 computer configured with two large touchscreens that can run the Anatomage Table 8 software. This software is equipped with 3D models of four different real human cadavers from the Visible Human Project. Frozen without embalming chemicals, each cadaver is preserved in its true color and offers a visualization of over 2500 segmented anatomical structures.

Constructed from thousands of two-dimensional slices, you can review and explore each system or structure from the three-dimensional models that differ in age, sex, and clinical history. Whether using the software's pre-built curriculum or custom-built experiences by faculty or students, learners can explore the human body in an expansive three-dimensional simulation environment.Outside of the gross anatomy, the software also contains high resolution regional anatomy, an expansive case library of CT and MRI scans, histology, and photo-realistic prosections for students to compare and explore.

The table can be used in both small group settings or in larger lectures by connecting an additional display or projector. Faculty can additionally export imagery from the software to create resources, hand-outs, or external assessments or check for understanding during class time by using the internal quiz function.

This tool can be valuable to any course that has content focused on the human body, anatomy, physiology, radiography, and surgical procedures. Outside of the existing CT, MRI, X-ray scans provided in the software, users can upload their own scans on to the table for viewing via USB.

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Check out the Gross Anatomy Introduction which provides information and links to tutorials for the essential tools to get you started.

For access to Anatomage's entire library for Table 8 device operation, academic resources, and use cases, they are available to view and download from this link.

Anatomage Table Introduction

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